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The Exam

    Once an appointment is made be sure to download and print your intake forms and the HIPPA (patient privacy) forms located on the Home page.  Having those filled out before the appointment will make the procedure quick and streamlined for the Thermograph technician.  If you are unable to fill out the forms beforehand you can arrive 5 minutes prior to fill them out the day of.  Tips to follow on the day of your appointment to insure the most accurate thermographic results are:


       #1- Do not exercise excessively 3 hours prior

#2- Do not use lotions or liniments prior

        #3- Do not drink caffeine up to 3 hours prior

                   #4- No receiving body work for up to 3 hours prior

    Once the technician reviews your forms they will have you disrobe and change into a light-weight medical gown. This allows for the body to acclimatize to the ambient temperature of the room before imaging begins.  A full explanation is given before imaging is started so the patient understands what is going to take place.  The test will involve a number of views being taken, each view only takes a couple of seconds, so the whole exam will only take a few minutes.  The test is just like having a photograph taken, a thermographer focuses the scanner and takes an image which is saved onto the computer to be sent to a doctor for interpretation and reporting.  Most imaging is read and reports sent to us to be printed within 24 to 48 hours.   The interpreting doctor will identify any significant findings that relate to your symptoms and history and give an opinion that will help your treating doctor.  



Price Menu

-Both Breasts or One Region of Interest-  $220.00


-Two Regions of Interest-  $275.00


-Half Body DITI Scan- $290.00


-Full Body DITI Scan- $400.00

We request 24 hour notice for cancelled appointments.  We reserve the right to charge $50 to all patients who do not call or show up for scheduled appointments.

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